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April 27 2018

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she works at working out
Tags: workout woman fit
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Behold, the majesty of anime! OK that is a little much ,but I love watching anime, usually anime that is dubbed in English. I don't speak Japanese and I don't like subtitles.
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smiles and laughter
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Old school laptop cool

April 01 2018

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Roblox - is it the next Minecraft? It doesn't have as many players but the existence of tens of thousands of player-created games leads to a lot of fun and different gameplay experiences. Techcrunch calls it Club Penguin for Generation Z. You can try it out but make sure you're playing the best Roblox games or you'll be wasting your time.
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The result of a million workouts
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Don't miss your step!

February 20 2018

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Navigating while driving. Get some ideas for navigating offline when you're remote with no connection.
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The nerd sisters, in pigtails, flannel, and glasses.
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Two elephants standing tusk-to-tusk
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An outdoor shower.
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Long haired beauty

January 30 2018

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A windy road in Winter.
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A stunning waterfall in Switzerland
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This is South Downs National Park in England. I love the subtle, curving coastline. I'm busy trying to recreate this in Minecraft to host on one of my popular Minecraft servers, but getting the curves just right is difficult. I was inspired by the ambitious full map of Chicago that a group just put together for the game.

January 14 2018

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A road winds aimlessly near mountains. I don't remember why, but I thought of this picture while messing around with different voices on Discord while playing League of Legends.
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A kind of haughty, windswept look.

January 13 2018

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arching that back
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August 27 2017

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Deep in thought in the artist's studio.
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A stunning stare from a beauty in sepia. Quick, what's the windows keyboard shortcut for a screenshot?
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